Well done! Your business is ready to bring on more customers, and it’s time to expand your sales operation. 

The good news: your brand’s DNA is working—you’ve found a successful model for achieving early success while establishing a foundation for future growth. Now, your business has reached a scale where you can afford to hire someone to take on sales management.

The not-so-good news: Hiring someone who can’t deliver the optimal sales results will cost you time and money, burdening you and your business with undue stress.

Now, take a deep breath. 

At Maramba Consulting, we’re here to help you turn what is normally a stressful undertaking into one of the most meaningful, enjoyable parts of running your business. In this article, we’ll take things step-by-step and familiarize ourselves with the constituent parts of Sales Management and how hiring our experts can help your business thrive:

  • Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring
  • Setting your sales manager up for success
  • Keeping track of your success with KPIs

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring

It’s time to start growing your revenue, which means you need a well-managed sales team.

That’s where the difficult questions start: how will you expand your team while maintaining your brand’s culture and revenue goals? Who can you trust to help you build a top-performing sales team? When is the right time to add more people? What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will you employ to communicate business goals?

Using Recruiting Services

As Maramba Consulting’s founder, Josh Maramba says, “Whether you are looking to hire sales, marketing, accounting, or countless other key positions for your business, finding someone who fits your industry and available budget can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Most business owners could save a ton of money and time by getting assistance from experts who identify and qualify prospective recruiting services to work with.”

“Fortunately,” Josh continues, “our team at Maramba Consulting can streamline this process and remove all that annoying guesswork (not to mention save you lots of time and money). I always say, ‘don’t be afraid of investing a small amount upfront to get the help you need selecting the right recruiting service’ and, of course, the ideal talent for your business.”

By using our expert consulting help to select the right recruiting service and guide you through the onboarding process, you can rest assured that you’ll find candidates who not only make your life easier by taking some responsibilities off your shoulders (and liberate your time) but will drive revenue growth with their superior skill set.

So, as to those “how, when, and what” questions, with Maramba Consulting, you will learn:

  • How to develop a recruiting strategy for locating, qualifying, and incentivizing top talent.
  • How to determine (and prioritize) roles and specialties within your organization.
  • How to outline a compensation and incentive structure.
  • When to create a sales management role.
  • When to replace underperforming sales managers.
  • What KPIs you should use to keep track of your team’s performance and orient yourself toward future goals.

Josh warns that simply hiring a new sales manager is usually not the ideal solution to addressing these challenges. “I’ve worked with many companies that had talented sales leaders, and they still struggled with many of these obstacles. When you put the right sales leader into a great sales system, you’ll have a well-oiled, revenue-generating machine.” 

Setting Your Sales Manager Up for Success

Great sales managers require an equally great sales structure. That’s why another challenging, but integral part, of sales management, is developing a revenue growth strategy that your sales manager can successfully execute to increase your revenue.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have the time or experience to train and develop a new sales manager?
  • Does our team practice sales accountability?
  • Do we have the right systems in place for our sales manager to be successful?
  • Do we have the proper sales enablement tools to support our team and increase revenue?
  • Does our team use the right metrics to measure our sales manager’s performance?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we’re here to help. Together, we will:

  1. Map clear career development paths that include crafting tailored training sessions to make employee coaching more efficient and cost-effective.
  2. Create a routine of accountability by building a structured role for your sales manager.
  3. Assess your sales team priorities and determine effective time management protocols. 
  4. Demystify sales training resources and implement CRM software with KPI performance indicator analysis. 

Keeping Track of your Success with KPIs

Although we’ve mentioned Key Performance Indicators a few times, how can we really use them to measure your new sales manager’s performance and keep them accountable to your sales goals?

  • Setting the right KPIs provides sales management the insights they need to improve your sales process and ensure your team prioritizes the most beneficial activities.
  • KPIs can show informative correlations with certain sales management activities, so you can see how to improve the success rate of your sales representatives.
  • Properly implemented, KPIs can be monitored through automated reporting cadences to keep consistent track of sales metrics

As you can see, KPIs are essential to your sales strategy, and selecting the right indicators is imperative to the health and success of your business. 

This is where we come in

“The so-called ‘secrets’ to driving significant revenue growth aren’t secret at all,” Josh says. “The real problem is filtering through bad advice and false experts. That’s why it’s worth every penny to work with real experts who can help you filter through the noise”

The best part of working with Maramba Consulting is being able to focus on your strengths while having confidence that your business is receiving the best sales support and expertise to grow. Together, we will:

  • Put the right sales management in place to accelerate your growth
  • Avoid the costly pitfalls of hiring bad sales management
  • Build a team that drives consistent and predictable revenue growth

When it comes to hiring a sales manager, the cost of onboarding the wrong person or not having a fitting sales structure can be detrimental to the health of your business. By working with the experienced sales leaders at Maramba Consulting, you will have the tools for continued success and the confidence that we will stop at nothing to reinvigorate, refocus, and accelerate revenue growth for your business.