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CRM Implementation

Like a carpenter and their saw, your sales team’s performance is negatively affected by dull, outdated tools. However, identifying a Customer Relationship Management platform that fits your business is just the beginning. Maramba Consulting will customize your CRM to promote high team utilization and management visibility.


We recognize HubSpot as a leading tool for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. That’s why Maramba Consulting is a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, offering guidance on your best solution fit, onboarding, and management services. 

Ask us how we can help develop HubSpot to support your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service activities.

Pricing Strategy

We frequently help business owners and executive leaders with a pricing strategy for their products and services. The simple truth is, that by strategically increasing prices while adding more value to customers, your organization can significantly increase revenue and profit margins. When you execute pricing strategy correctly, you will add value back to your customers and improve both customer satisfaction and retention.

Business leaders often consider reducing prices to capture more of their target market, but price reductions generally lead to eroding profits even if customer acquisition increases temporarily. It’s rarely necessary to lower prices when developing a focused pricing strategy that maximizes profitability through proper positioning with sales and marketing.

Compensation Strategy

Developing a functional compensation plan for sales teams is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent, driving consistent results, and building a healthy sales culture. A compensation plan should evolve along with the organization’s objectives over time, so it’s essential to assess the current structure periodically.

Here are just a few of the crucial elements to consider while reviewing the health of an organization’s sales compensation structure:

  • Does it align with Key Performance Indicators (e.g. Customer Acquisitions, Customer Retention/Churn, Customer Spend, etc.)?
  • Is it based on the specialized sales roles and responsibilities? 
  • Does it include clear performance metrics for achieving promotions and pay increases?
  • Does it properly incentivize and reward what sales reps can control?
  • Is the plan clear and straightforward and can comp be calculated easily?
  • Are the right behaviors and activities rewarded immediately?
  • Are contests, rewards, bonuses, and other incentives leveraged to drive initiatives?

We approach developing a compensation strategy by partnering with sales, finance, and executive leadership to build a structure that motivates and rewards performance while protecting the organization’s profitability and growth.

Sales Training

Top performing organizations equip their customer-facing team members with training to improve their ability to identify customer needs and recommend the right solutions. In today’s buyer-empowered market, business leaders must provide ongoing training to stay ahead of the competition and promote a world-class customer experience. While hundreds of sales training programs are available, not all of them will be the right fit for every organization. Working with an expert to help identify the specific needs of your organization before selecting a training program is an often overlooked first step.

We help business leaders develop sales training programs built around the overarching goals of their organization, the unique buyer journey of their customers, and the current skill level of their sales team. We implement an accountability structure by measuring the impact training has on Key Performance Indicators and revenue growth.

The unique approach we take to training is focused on understanding the buyer by asking calibrated questions, active listening, and creating alignment between both parties. This sales training method is effective for business leaders, sales professionals, and non-sales staff who are looking for a highly professional and consultative approach to selling that works.

Sales Process

The core of a successful and sustainable sales organization is its processes. From prospecting to the delivery, a proper sales process should support the key elements of clear communication (internal and client-facing), smooth operational flow, and utilization of tools and resources. 

To identify gaps or best practices in your current process, we review existing documentation and interview key personnel. We work with department leaders to document and finalize the optimized sales process and provide strategy on implementation across the sales department and new hire onboarding. 

Most successful sales processes share a similar set of stages. We’ve found our approach to personalizing each of these steps to your organizational structure, industry, and target audience results in a high salesperson adaptation rate and, most importantly, an increase in revenue.

Customer Experience Strategy

Providing excellent customer experience should be tied to the goals of every department in your organization. Not only does this align objectives across the organization, but it also positively impacts a customer’s lifetime value. 

In the buyer’s world of seemingly endless product and service offerings, a good customer experience has continued to set businesses apart from competitors, increasing customer acquisition, average spend, and customer retention.

  • What does a customer encounter when first learning about your products or services? 
  • Are you helping them recognize their needs and wants? 
  • How does communication change as they move from being a marketing lead to an active customer? 

These questions are among many included in our strategic discussions around your ideal customer experience.

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