Your Revenue Growth Team

More Customers. Higher Margins. Better Retention.

We help innovative business owners develop a focused strategy for sales and marketing so they can grow revenue with more consistency

“Every founder has a vision for their business but most never see that vision come into reality because they don’t have the right revenue growth strategy”

Slow or inconsistent revenue has serious consequences…

losing valuable members of your team

Losing valuable members of your team

depositphotos 32411497 business man showing his empty pockets

Not having the resources to invest in your people

evan wise 1sldcduzacm unsplash

Closing the business that you’ve worked so hard to build

With our help you can get your revenue growth back on track so your business has…


More Resources

Have the budget to get the people and tools you need to grow


More Growth

Invest in innovating and expanding your products or services into new markets


More Stability

Allowing you room to breathe so you can focus on the areas of your business you enjoy the most.

You Will Have Everything You Need To Drive More Revenue

We’ll give you the tools to accelerate revenue growth by working with you to develop a focused sales and marketing strategy. Then we’ll work together to execute that strategy with our portfolio of sales and marketing resources.

Whether you need access to a trained sales team, digital marketing services, or experienced sales leadership, we provide you with all the resources you need to drive more revenue growth with consistent results. 

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Sales and Marketing Strategy

Full Service Sales Team

Full Service Sales Team

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Management

We’ve navigated these challenges in a variety of industries…


Consumer Goods


Professional Services


Cannabis & CBD




Health & Fitness


Agricultural Goods


Consumer Goods




Professional Services


Cannabis & CBD


Health & Fitness


Agricultural Goods

…And many more

Here is what business owners like you are saying:

“We wanted to convert more of our leads to sales and ensure our customers weren’t slipping through the cracks. The Maramba Consulting team helped us streamline our sales process so we could get the results we want. They’ve shown us an easier way to manage sales, without spending nearly as much time and manpower.”

– Brad White, Senior Mechanical Engineer at N.B. Oler

“We were looking to completely restructure our sales team and wanted to make sure the transition went smoothly for everyone involved. Marmaba Consulting showed a deep knowledge of streamlining sales structures and helped us understand how ours interacted with every facet of our business. Having that understanding has helped us make better informed decisions.”

– Steve Rodgers, Director of Hapy Kitchen

“Maramba Consulting really got to know who we are, what we’re about, and cared about customizing our holistic marketing plan. They have a professional approach, making sure everything’s done properly and being looked after. It gives us an ease of mind, we can put some worries and anxieties away because we got to know and trust them.”

– Scott and Walter Rawitscher, Co-owners at Collaborative Business Solutions

“In the small business environment, marketing and the sales efforts are not two different departments, it’s just not that clear cut. Maramba Consulting quarterbacks the portfolio of marketing and sales services so that you aren’t left to do the strategy on your own. I’m never wondering what it is the Maramba Consulting team is working on, and after we complete one thing, the team anticipates what we would need next and comes to the table with it before I have to ask.”

– Tyee Carr, Managing Partner of Tyee Carr Advisory

“We were initially opposed to hiring a consulting firm but we were impressed by our first meeting. Maramba consulting has helped us create sales infrastructure, helped guide us with our sales process, and given us invaluable sales training. They have an organized approach that diagnoses sales issues and provides solutions that work.”

– Cory Turner, CEO of Portland Cannabis Market

“Through the guidance of your sales training our sales reps gained the confidence necessary to engage with customers. Each day they were learning something new and visibility improving. You turned people who weren’t even salespeople into sales professionals.”

– Trista Okel, Founder and CEO of Empower BodyCare

“They instantly took our feedback and came up with solutions that worked for us...Ultimately they took pressure off of me as a business owner and guided us to become a more profitable business.”

– Matthew Slaughter, Founder and President of Earthfort

“Before bringing alongside Maramba Consulting at times, we felt like we were flying by the seat of our pants, but now I feel good knowing we have a clear direction and plan to grow. After working with them I have the perspective needed to feel confident in the direction of my business.”

– Scott Nadal, President of Vital Earth Farms

“I always know that Maramba Consulting cares about my business as much as I do. After working with them for just a short while they gave me a new framework that has completely transformed how we win new business.”

– Gabriel Shields, Strategic Manager and Marketing Innovator of Benu Creative

"I trust that the job gets done, the right decisions are being made, and that the decisions being made are the proper ones for the situations. Doing sales stresses me out. I do not like to do sales, I want to focus on operations. I trust that sales are being managed as if I was doing it, but I don't have to think about it. I know that our objectives are aligned and I'm not tempted to look for alternative options because this works."

– Ryan Hoitt, Developer and Founder of Vape-Jet

“Maramba Consulting’s experience with cannabis businesses has provided leadership and guidance for my team, taking pressure off of me and my wife as the owners. They keep us organized and on track, so we can accomplish more than ever before.”

– Dylan Donaldson, Owner at Karing Kind

“Before working with Maramba Consulting, we were struggling to communicate the true value of our services to clients. As experts in sales and marketing, Josh and his team helped us develop clear messaging, and even created collateral for us to send clients for each stage of the sales cycle.”

Chris Quandt, Director of Special Projects at Kimsa

Who You’ll Be Working With

As a team of seasoned professionals with a diverse set of skills and industry experience, you can be confident that we will be able to provide you with strategic direction no matter where you are at in your business journey.

Joshua Maramba

Joshua Maramba 

Founder and Director of Sales

Carissa Fitzgerald

Carissa Fitzgerald

Client Success Manager

brian kuo

Brian Kuo

Director of Business Development

Sawyer Sheppard

Sawyer Sheppard

Inside Sales Specialist

HubSpot Partner

Accelerate your revenue growth in three simple steps 


Book a meeting where we’ll discuss a timeline and budget that works for you



We’ll find opportunities to streamline your process by getting to know your team and how your business currently operates



Together, we’ll put our plan into motion and begin accelerating your revenue growth

About Working With Us

 At Maramba Consulting we know you are the kind of business owner who wants to build an impactful and profitable company.

The problem is as your business grows so does the complexity of driving consistent revenue growth, which can make you feel uncertain about the future of your business. We believe that any business can generate consistent revenue growth with the right sales and marketing structure in place. 

We get it. Building a profitable business is hard work. It can be a confusing, expensive, and slow process trying to identify the right revenue strategy and supporting structure for your business. That’s why we offer cost effective services to quickly implement simple structures that are uniquely tailored to your business. We believe that when you have a structure in place to keep, acquire, and maximize the value of your customers, your business will become a well oiled revenue producing machine.

Here’s how it works: 1) Connect with us to discuss a timeline and budget that works for you and your business. 2) Our discovery process will give us a deep understanding of your business and its unique needs. 3) Together, we’ll put our plan into motion and begin accelerating your revenue.

Reach out to us for a meeting so you can put a stop to the unreliable revenue and see what it’s like to have consistent revenue growth instead.